Castelli & Kurucz Models

The Atlas9 Stellar Atmosphere Models by Castelli and Kurucz 2004

This atlas contains about 4300 stellar atmosphere models for a wide range of metallicities, effective temperatures and gravities. These LTE models with no convective overshooting computed by Fiorella Castelli, have improved upon the opacities and abundances previously used by Kurucz (1990). The main improvements, as detailed in Castelli and Kurucz (2004), are the use of improved solar abundances and TiO lines.

For more information, see the relevant section of the CDBS Castelli & Kurucz webpage on astronomical catalogs, and the Castelli & Kurucz README file for this catalog. A complete set of files can be found at HSLP Reference Atlases ck04models


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