The ETC Request ID

For every calculation performed with the ETC, an ETC Request ID is provided at the top of the output page. Users who report problems or seek help on the use of this estimator should always provide this ID in their help request. Failure to provide it may make it impossible to properly resolve any problems.

Retrieving Previous Calculations

The ETC ID can also be used to view the results produced by a previous request. On the ETC web pages, there is a link labeled Previous calculation results at the bottom of the menu area on the left side of the page. Clicking that link will take you to the page shown in Figure 1: Previous ETC Calculation Result. You may enter either the full ID (case-insensitive), or only the number. For example, given the ETC ID “”, you may enter “”, “”, “000023”, or “23”. After entering the ID, click the “Get previous ETC result” button to retrieve your calculation results.

At the bottom of the results page, the ETC version that was used to compute those results is displayed. If this version identifier differs from the current version shown at the top left side of the page, you may wish to consider whether to repeat the calculation.



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