Release Notes for ETC 26.1

New Features

Welcome to ETC 26.1. This version of the ETC implements several improvements, notably:


  • New template spectra: one new QSO spectrum based on COS data, and one new planetary nebula spectrum that includes only the extended nebular emission (ie, does not include contribution from central star). The existing PN spectrum has been retained, but annotated to clearly indicate that it does include contributions from the central star.


  • Improved sharpness and enclosed energy tables


  • Two new central wavelengths are now supported: G140L/800 and G160M/1533. Note that G140L/800 uses an extraction height of 30 pixels.
  • Corrected text for COS Spectroscopic TA calculations for NUV


  • Nothing additional to report


  • Nothing additional to report


  • The wording of various sections of the user’s guide has been improved for clarity.

Under the hood

  • Instrument data values and/or detector sensitivity values have been updated for all instruments
  • The ETC now uses pysynphot 0.9.9, which is obtainable from the Astroconda channel, running under Python 2.7
  • The new ETC evaluation date is 2019-May-01 (MJD 58604).

Resolved Issues


  • Corrected wavelength range for G750L/7751

Known Issues

Please see the News and Known Issues page for known issues with this release.


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